State Enterprise ‘Railway of Moldova’ announces auctions for the sale of unused old assets

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The state enterprise Moldovan Railway says it plans to organize six auctions for the sale of unused old assets in order to streamline operations and attract additional funds for the development and modernization of railway infrastructure.
The first three auctions will be held in the first half of September, reports with reference to The railway station is facing a sharp decline in passenger traffic. The first auction will be held on September 6, at which 39 passenger carriages, 90 carriages with wheelsets and 96 locomotives, including four passenger carriages with a brake system, will be put up for sale. The second auction will take place on September 8, at which parts and materials from 15 vehicles will be put up for sale. The third auction will take place on September 13 and will provide participants with the opportunity to purchase 106 tank containers, unused spare parts and other unused technical equipment.
The money received from the auctions will be reinvested in the continuous development and modernization of the railway infrastructure of Moldova. This strategic step not only allows ZhDM to optimize its operations by disposing of unused assets, but also to generate the financial resources necessary to invest in modern technologies and updated infrastructure. Currently, out of 139 existing locomotives, 134 have expired. At the same time, more than 25% of the railway infrastructure is no longer in use and requires major repairs, and in a few years, traffic on more than half of the railways will be suspended.
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