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Tariff and Contract Service;
Customer service office in the field of transport-freight forwarding;
Creation of the most economical corridor for rail freight transportation and logistics;
Accepting applications for urgent transportation;
Prompt calculation of transport tariffs, additional fees and transport services;
Finding solutions for the fastest delivery of goods;
Preparation of transport documents and shipping letters;
International Transport Logistics Department;
Providing conditions for the transportation of goods on foreign railways in accordance with applications;
Clarification of the conditions for transporting goods across different territories along optimal routes;
Analysis, calculation and proposal of optimal transport tariffs;
Submission of codes for development of SMGS shipping letters as per applications;
Development of quarantine permits for regulated goods on the territory of Ukraine;
Tracking changes in conditions on railway transport in foreign countries: transportation rules, transportation conditions, etc.
Transport organization office
Tracking cars along the route, promptly obtaining information about the location of cars, repeated delays and, if necessary, finding means for their further movement.
Tracking the movement of vans along the route on weekends and holidays.
Telegram preparation and development;
Changing the destination of the cargo along the most profitable routes in accordance with old and new documents.
Preparation of letters to include goods ordered by the Client in the transportation plan;
Preparation of applications for the supply of wagons for loading.
Assistance and advice in obtaining a railway code for loading/unloading goods at Moldovan railway stations and its annual registration;
Assistance and advice in obtaining the right to load and fasten goods into railway cars.
Coordination of transportation with railways is a party to the International Agreement on the Exchange of Goods on Railways and with the Railways of Western European Countries.
Consulting on transportation conditions, legislation regulating railway transportation.
Wagon tracking service;
This office was created in 2002. We protected and ensured the safety of thousands of tons of petroleum products transported across Moldovan soil. Every year the range of services expands depending on customer needs.
Cargo security on the territory of Moldova and on the lands of other countries (at the Client’s request);
Security of the Client’s goods from the place of receipt to the delivery station;
Constant protection of goods and exclusion of unauthorized persons from accessing goods on the territory of Moldova
We guarantee the integrity of the goods.
The reservation, control and economic analysis service performs the following work;
Maintains consistent and accurate accounting records in accordance with Moldovan national accounting standards and company policies;
Checks the performance of the company’s financial and economic operations in strict accordance with current economic and tax legislation, taking into account the latest changes and improvements.
Conduct an economic and financial analysis of the company’s activities.
Identify financial opportunities to impact a company’s profitability based on economic and financial P&L analysis.
The Accounting, Control and Economic Analysis Service does not limit its activities to simple registration of financial and economic transactions. The service has a significant impact on the company’s activities, providing calculations for economic activities, monitoring the dynamics of exchange rates and financial results, thereby preventing imbalances and deviations in the provision of services. This service is very important for the company as it ensures the functioning of the system, providing accurate financial information necessary for the administration to make the right business decisions.
Development of customs formalities and declaration of goods.
Develops customs declarations for import-export and transit goods at Ungheni station. Our branch is located in close proximity to the border station, which allows us to provide a full range of operational services related to customs formalities.
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