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The freight forwarding company ‘Expedit-Euro-Tran’ was founded in 1998 and over 8 years of successful activity it has become one of the largest companies in the Republic of Moldova, providing services related to the organization of freight transportation on the railways of Moldova, Romania, the CIS countries, the Baltic , Asia and Europe.
Over the years, ‘Expedit-Euro-Trans’ has accumulated a wealth of experience in forwarding import-export and transit cargo, such as: petroleum products, gasoline, coal, metals and ores, building materials, mineral fertilizers, tobacco, pulp and paper, cereals, canned food , wine products, fresh fruits and vegetables, food and others.
In order to fit into the International Freight Transportation System, Expedit-Euro-Trans in 2003 received the status of an individual member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations “FIATA,” which includes 40 thousand freight forwarding companies from 150 countries.
‘Expedit-Euro-Trans’ is one of the leaders in the market of services for the transportation of railway cargo in the Republic of Moldova. The high professional level of our employees is one of the most important elements of our success. In 2005, our employees received FIATA diplomas in the field of international transport and forwarding services.

In November 2003, ‘Expedit-Euro-Trans’, being one of the main sponsors of the Balkan Congress of Freight Forwarders, held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, took part in its organization and conduct. More than 150 representatives from 14 countries took part in the forum, where the state of transport and forwarding services in the Balkans was discussed.
Since 2003, Expedit-Euro-Trans has been one of the partners of C.S. Expedit-Euro-Trans Romania S.R.L., which is an individual member of the Romanian Association of Freight Forwarding Companies – USER.
The main achievements of the company are: the trust of clients and partners, the provision of high-quality transport and forwarding services, the experience and authority accumulated over the years of work in the transport and forwarding industry, both in the Moldovan and international markets.
The main obligations of the Expedit-Euro-Trans company are: maintaining the achieved level, improving customer service and developing a network of services, constantly improving the integrated scheme for organizing transportation and logistics, which can compete in the international market.

The structure of the company
Expedit-Euro-Trans employs more than 100 competent specialists. The main divisions of the company are:

  1. Services according to tariffs and contracts, which include:
    • Customer service office in the field of transport and freight forwarding;
    • Office of international transport logistics;
    • Office of the transport organization;
  2. Reservation, control and economic analysis service;
  3. Wagon tracking service;
  4. Services for loading and unloading petroleum products;
  5. Additional services.
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