international rail freight transportation

Organization of delivery of any complexity
with cargo transportation by rail

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Railroad transportation of goods has been the main method of freight forwarding for many years.
Международные железнодорожные перевозки | ЖД перевозки грузов по РоссииDelivery by rail is distinguished by its extraordinary versatility, the ability to transport literally any type of cargo, high transport and throughput capacities, relatively low cost of cargo transportation, extremely free placement of cargo, complete independence from any natural conditions or resources, relatively high speed of transportation, increased reliability and other factors.
Rail transportation is particularly effective in transporting cargo over extended distances, and, taking into account the enormous distances over which all kinds of cargo sometimes have to be delivered, it is not difficult to expect that in the near future, rail transportation will retain its leading position in all mass cargo transportation over long distances and average distances.
Expedit Euro Trans specializes in rail transportation of any consignments of cargo (including groupage cargo). In addition, the company’s range of services includes dispatch of cars and special equipment, rail transportation of cars in TsMGV cars, loading and unloading, forwarding around the city and the region, responsible storage of client cargo, delivery of groupage cargo.

Transportation is carried out using our own and leased rolling stock, namely:
a) mail and luggage (p/b) cars running as part of p/b and passenger trains, which implies a fixed schedule and high delivery speed.
b) TsMGV cars (all-metal freight cars) – used for the transportation of lightweight cargo, cars, including freight and  Железнодорожные перевозки грузовspecial equipment.
c) containers – with delivery from the sender’s warehouse to the recipient’s warehouse.
Our clients do not have to think about how the process of loading, marking, packaging of cargo will take place, how it will be stored at intermediate stations, warehoused, guarded and unloaded.It is no secret that only a professional team, in which rail transportation specialists play a huge role, can organize the uninterrupted movement of cargo.Expedit Euro Trans has extensive experience in transporting cars, special equipment, groupage and oversized cargo, food, animals, etc.A network of representative offices with their own loading and warehouse complexes and freight vehicles allows us to solve logistics problems for railway transportation using various delivery schemes to optimize the cost of transportation, speed of delivery and safety of cargo.
Our employees will help you in the shortest possible time to obtain comprehensive information on sending cargo, and will quickly and efficiently prepare documents.
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