Moldova, Ukraine and Romania are solving the problem of congestion of cars in the direction of Reni station

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          As of August 15, more than 730 cars were moving towards the Reni station. The accumulation arose due to the low rates of transfer of rolling stock to the ports of Giurgiulesti and Galati.
  This was discussed at a meeting of representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia and carriers from Romania and Moldova.
As it was clarified, about 70 wagons are currently unloaded at the port of Reni per day. At the same time, the transfer from Reni station to Giurgiulesti and Galati is 1.5 trains.
As of August 15, 400 wagons were heading to Galati, of which 251 were loaded with wheat. Over the previous two days, with a norm of 30 cars with grain per day, only 38 units were transferred. In addition, it was noted that on the Reni-Giurgiulesti direction there is one locomotive of the Moldovan Railway, which often manages to make only one trip.
During the meeting, Deputy Director of the Commercial Work Department of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC Valery Tkachev raised issues of options for improving the situation with the transfer of cargo from the Reni station abroad.
As explained by the representative of the Moldovan Railway, Vladimir Serbinov, the Moldovan railway workers turned to their colleagues from Romania and asked for permission to form consolidated trains with cargo for different carriers.
“Unfortunately, we received the answer that this is impossible. Therefore, we have to travel for each operator with their cars. This takes a lot of time. So sometimes we don’t have time to return to Reni to pick up the cars,” said Vladimir Serbinov.
If the transfer of cargo from Reni to Giurgiulesti and Galati remains at the current level, then Ukrzaliznytsia will not be able to fulfill the volumes of transportation necessary to receive discounts on transit from the Moldovan railway,” Valeriy Tkachev noted in this regard.
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